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Spanish 1 Texbook
Weekly Agenda
Wide Awake (Spanish Version)
Feliz Navidad
Laura Pausini-Noche De Paz
{flvremote}http://ms.knox.k12.in.us/images/stories/video/spanishchristmas2.flv{/flvremote} 22
Jarabe De Palo-Bonito Song

Projects for la Navidad!
Make a Christmas Card!
Include a letter to Los Tres Reyes Magos (the three kings) like Spanish children do or write a letter to Papa Noel (Santa Claus).  Tell him how you have behaved in the past year and what you would like for Christmas.

You will be graded on :  

Presentation: (how does your card look?) It must be printed or created on real paper - NOT NOTEBOOK PAPER (card stock prefered but not required).

Grammar and Spelling 

Use of Vocabulary (see vocab list and suggested phrases below)

This Project is Worth 20 points!
This Project is Due Dec. 8 & 9!

Info and Vocab:

Querido ....- Dear....
Be sure to tell your name and how old you are and where you are from.

Este ano he sido muy - this year I've been very....
travieso (a) - bad, wrong, naughty, brat
bueno (a) - good
quisiera que me trajerais - I would like you to bring me...
Los Reyes Magos - the three kings
Papa Noel - Santa Claus 
Navidad: Christmas
Nochebuena: Christmas Eve
El día de Navidad: Christmas Day
Nochevieja: New Year´s Eve
Año Nuevo: New Year
El día de Año Nuevo: New Year´s Day
El día de Reyes: King´s Day (Day of the three wise men)
Adviento: Advent
Misa de Gallo: Midnight Mass
Regalo: Gift/Present
Extra Credit Project for La Navidad!
Make a Music Video!
You and a friend or 2 (3 people total)
Sing and/or play instruments to make your own music video of either:
Feliz Navidad or
Noche de Paz

You will be graded on:  Presentation (how does your video look and sound)

Pronunciation (do you sound like the example video?)

This project is worth 15 points!
This project is due 12 - 15 & 16

Extra Credit Project for La Navidad!
Make a traditional Spanish or Mexican Recipe!

Roscon de Reyes (King's Day Cake)

Polvorones (cookies)

Empanadas (meat turnovers)

This Project is for 15 Points!
This Project is due 12 - 17 & 18

Mi Casa Ideal : Required Project Un. 5 Le. 1 : Due 2-7-Red; 2-10-White
This project has three components :

1.  Visual project :

              Make a visual representation of your ideal house.

              Be creative!  It could be three dimensional, a diorama or a poster.

              Label everything clearly and neatly in Spanish

The Visual project is worth 25 points.

2.  The essay :
               The essay is to be written in Spanish using current and prior vocabulary.

                Use COMPLETE SENTENCES and PROOF READ your work. 


3.  The speech:
                 The speaking portion will be presented to the class.

                 It is important to PREPARE and PLAN and PRACTICE what you will say in

                 You will act like a real estate agent and try to sell your wonderful house.
                 Describe the house using current and prior vocabulary.

                 Tell us about the location of the house (a Spanish speaking area)

                 You may refer to your visual aid, but don't just read the vocabulary words.  

                 Speak in COMPLETE SENTENCES!  (approximately 2 minutes)
The speaking portion is worth 10 points.

Final Project
May 13 & 14
  • Class will divide in groups of two or three
  • Topics will be assigned to each group
  • Students will begin writing scripts (due May 15 & 16)
  • Scripts are worth 30 points! 
  • As soon as your script is finished - start working on your videos!
May 15 & 16
  • Scripts are due!  Typed, double spaced.
  • Time yourselves!  It should be about as long as our telehistorias.
May 20 & 21
  • Videos are due!!!  
  • Videos are worth 30 points!!!  Individual performance will be graded!!! 
Final Project
Final Project
Final Project
Aug. 27&28
  • Worksheets due 
  • review for Preliminary Ch. Test

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