Incoming Freshman

Important Information for Incoming Freshman

- Before the end of your 8th grade year make sure you've completed the application for 21st Century Scholarships
                  To apply please visit:


Course Descriptions

As you prepare for your years at Knox High School you'll notice that there are a variety of courses you can take to explore your interests. Please review the Course Description Guide below. Each course within the guide gives a description of what the course offers, grade level years you can take the course, and of any required prerequisites. 

2020-21 Course Description Guide


Graduation Pathways

Starting with the Class of 2023 students must choose a Graduation Pathway to participate in. The purpose of pathways is a more individualized approach to meet your student's needs to graduate high school and prepare them for college or career readiness. It is never too early to start planning for your student's future. Please take a look at the document provided below and see what path best suits your student's needs and what possible pathway is best for him/her. Staff will also meet with your student and help him/her plan for the future and ensure that they are taking the correct courses (electives) to help guide them.

Perkins V - Starts with Class of 2023

‚ÄčPerkins IV 2019-2022